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Too often, colleges and careers are decided by interests and beliefs that are not congruent with an individual's ability. In the end, a student will often change majors, delay graduation, transfer colleges or simply drop out because of an unrealistic appraisal of interest and ability.

Likewise, individuals often select majors or career paths at colleges that will result in financial problems following graduation. For example, it is not uncommon for a student to select a college that costs $45,000.00 per year (i.e. freshman; and, cost will increase each year) but their chosen career field will pay $29,000 at entry. Hence, this student at graduation, (if they graduate in 4 years and get a job) will make $29,000.00 but has invested a minimum of $180,000.

Therefore, if a chosen career path is truly desired regardless of cost, a student may want to look at alternative college options that will make this career decision a good return on investment; the CCP will provide a list of colleges that will vary in cost.

In the end, the CCP will give a student direction as to what college to attend given their cognitive ability and historical academic achievement. Also, the CCP will furnish a list of colleges that will "most likely" award the most in financial-merit, aid or grants for an entered student profile.

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