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College is expensive. Deciding on how much to pay – where; and for what major - are primary features of the CCP.

Since college selection, major and cost are personal or family concerns; the CCP is on-line; hence, no need to share private information related to family income, career income or EFC with parties who have no need to know.

CCP designed to assist the high school student select a college, major and career path given their cognitive ability; therefore, the CCP is realistic.

Too often students decide to pursue the “wrong” college or major based on a prestige or interest factors; the CCP is designed as the “other” voice necessary to make an informed and rational decision.

In the end, the CCP is designed to help prevent dropping-out, transfer or low college GPA’s; it is available 24/7; provides an unbiased cognitive report; and, is not expensive. Our goal is help you be successful.
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