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CCP has two new features; the first is a free service that allows an individual to predict standardized testing scores (i.e. ACT or SAT) by using a student’s high school GPA (4-point system) and completed course work. The second feature provided by the CCP will give estimates of needed study time to be successful in college; this is in the actual CCP report.

The College Career Profiler was created to assist the college bound individual by providing a “best practice” approach to College and Career Counseling. In essence, this process is evidence-based and focuses cognitive ability when determining College selection and Career direction.

CCP has incorporated a quick calculator for the Expected Family Contribution (EFC); however, the CCP predictor includes estimates of a college EFC’s that is not often public information. Hence, our EFC combines the GAP between the federal EFC and what a family is obligated to pay at their chosen college.

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